Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A lovely day

It's really been fun watching my neo counter show me that people are actually here! I'm delighted - especially to have had hits from 6 different countries in 48 hours. Too fun :)

Today is the day Lovely and I "do" homeschool. But it really doesn't last long - maybe about half an hour to an hour this morning and then we hit the park. But he did do some fun work:

I use these Cookie cutters (that I bought in Paris so they are extra sweet to me :) to help them learn largest, smallest and all in between. I think it was the first time I had presented it to L and he really got it (Actually, he's just gone and got it off the shelf - woops, it's already gone back ;) I showed him how to take all the pieces out and then how he starts with the biggest one and then the next remaining biggest fits into that etc.  He built it fine. The next extension I guess is to lay them out in order of size.

I was given this beautiful woven box from Fiji (the boy's Nannio and Poppa just celebrated their honeymoon there!) and I thought that it was a perfect match for some beading that I already had. Lovely is pretty good at beading when he wants to be.

Using tongs and a scoop to put dry pasta into a muffin tin.

A great shape and colour and size sorter I bought 2nd hand from our local baby store. It's in perfect condition and I think it's beautiful as well as smart.

Some 3-part cards. Lovely is still a little young to really understand how these work - but he's pretty good at matching them, even the words if I make sure he looks at them first!

Morning tea time included his water in this little glass jug. It's so cute, only about 2 inches tall.

I spent my time printing out these brilliant continent cards from Jo at A bit of this and that - she's a star!

It's after his nap now and we have been playing with our wooden animals & shells and tree blocks. I love these natural blocks - they're so earthy and fun and I couldn't recommend them more.

Since I started writing this post there has also been a lot of other little Lovely-inspired projects going on:  

+ taking Hug's rollerblades on and off and on and off and on and off including all of the associated pads 

+ looking at the number rods (mine are actually made from the chunky lego - something I saw on a blog a while back but can't actually remember where. They're good as long as you can stop them being re-built ;) 

+ a little art project involving glue and scissors - He asked for help with using the plastic scissors but they're actually pretty useless and I thought he was probably old enough to use the *real* blunt-nosed scissors so I showed him how he could do it himself and he's thrilled!

Finally - I just want to give a big shout out to the universe! My sweet man, T, had some brilliant work news today - something that we were only dreaming about looks like actually happening. I'm so delighted for him and for us!  

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  1. I've stopped by a couple of Montessori mom blogs today and you are really a creative bunch! Your kids are blessed!

    I'm a homeschooling mom and my kids are teens now, but I must think along Montessori lines because I did a lot of cool stuff with my kids when they were young too.

    I enjoyed looking around your blog today!


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