Thursday, July 17, 2008

Happy magic out there in the blogosphere :)

Okay, I was just blogging about my favourite things at the moment... but I must add some of the gorgeous blog-surfing finds of tonight. I am *in love* with this:

from honeyflake. So so so gorgeous. It's part of a crafty swap & these *school supplies* were made 'for' lunch' and 'for the teacher'. 
And, then , this beautiful photo from happy things:

These delicious pancake muffins from Sycamore stirrings:

And, finally, I think I should make some of these themed felt boards. We were gifted a set a few years back but I think it could do with some new juice :) Plus, I bought some absolutely beautiful pure wool felt in a rainbow of colours recently but have been too hesitant to actually make anything... (ahhh, a little quirk of mine - buy divine art supplies & then don't *ever* touch them because they are too special). Thanks to Plumpudding:

Before I forget I also came across a link to these Montessori 'how to' videos & while I haven't had a chance to have a good look I'm imagining that they'll be a great resource. Yippee!

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