Tuesday, July 22, 2008

French map and flag plans

Hug worked on this great (sure, I'm biased:) map of France this morning before preschool

This is the activity basket I had set out for him a few days ago. There is a cardboard map of France (I made it last year, just out of a cereal box. I printed the map from google and glued it down. Cut it out. Voila!) and some small squares of paper, a pencil and a sharpener and a paint brush. He also got out his watercolour pencils. He traced the country outline and then we went and looked at the world map. I showed him which country france was and how it was the same shape (though, not size) as his cutout. We looked at which edges were met by ocean and which were met by other countries & with a few trips back to the map he worked it all out himself. Ahhh, 4 almost 5. What a fun age this is! I might offer him some letraset to title it with as he doesn't like Mama helping him with writing too much at the moment but letraset is fun.

Last night I got a bit excited about the Olympics and printed out *all* of the flags from around the world from this site. A bit crazy me knows ;) But I thought that we could work at making them all up like this one above (Bermuda, by the way) and then we could watch the opening ceremony and have a flag to wave for each different country! The way I've made this one it's the printed flag on the main side and then a mini of the flag and the country name on the other. I've used a toothpick as the stick. I am thinking that I will colour code them by continent with stickers on the back also.

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