Thursday, July 3, 2008

The fabrics I'm just *crazy* about!

Wow, I just had a look at the new fabric collection from Anna Maria Horner. I absolutely *love* her site. It is such fun and colourful eye-candy and I can't help but feel happy when I go by there. Her new range is called Garden Party & you can see it all on this posting at her blog.

The funny thing is that I'm a bit of a white-on-white kinda shabby chic girl - but I am just crazy for these patterns. My favourites are:

Tablecloth in Brown

Mingling in Ice

Fanfare in Rose

Centerpiece in Olive

I actually had a spontaneous splurge on fabrics from her Drawing Room range just a week ago - I'd been drooling over them for ages and finally seized the moment - they haven't arrived yet but I can't wait!

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