Friday, July 18, 2008

Montessori preschool videos online

I wrote a little note at the end of the last post about this series of free on-line Montessori videos, but I felt that it deserved a bit more information.

If you go to this 'Experts Village' link and scroll down to the name Tami Elliot you will see all of the categories.  Tami is a Montessori preschool owner and teacher.

She has informational videos for:

+ Preschool Language Activities in Montessori
+ Preschool Montessori Activities
+ Montessori Methods & Activities
+ Montessori Math Methods
+ Montessori Counting Methods
+ Montessori Language Activities
+ Montessori Sensory Activities
+ Montessori Visual Activities

I am also going to be trying the preview version of Tomorrows Child on-line and will post about it when I've had a good look :)

The Montessori Foundation now has 2 videos up on their site: Planting the Seeds and What Children get out of Montessori (it's the same link) plus they have quite a lot of information to read (it was one of the first places I went when I first started learning about Montessori).

Ahhh.... Thanks to ami for this photo ( I love it!)  from their media collection :)

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