Monday, July 7, 2008

Hello and... Goodbye (for now).

This is just a little note to anyone who might have subscribed to my blog, to say that I'm sorry but, unfortunately,  I'm going private again :( 

Now, this has been an awesome week out there in the world! Thank you to the people who made kind comments and enjoyed the site. I had my best intentions when I went public but I have a bit of an unusual situation at play and I thought that taking the blog down for the time-being at least would be the best idea. I will keep on blogging because I love it & hope to get back out into the world at some stage... because it really was a lot of fun! I especially have enjoyed my NeoCounter and this is where we stand (I'm sure that *most* of those Australian hits were me looking at my own baby!) as I sign off, after my week in the sunshine :)


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