Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A teaspoon of craftiness!

Yes, I'm still here ;) 

We've been enjoying quite a bit of craftiness recently and I thought I'd share the fun!

Now that Lovely is getting bigger I've reorganised our *cute* behind-the-kitchen-door shelves. They used to hold my Montessori stuff but I've moved it all to the playroom & dedicated this space to our art supplies. Yippee!

Our "rainbow nature box" egg cartons, inspired by this idea. I've been waiting to do these for ages. Hug did the painting & it looks great. I think that we should take it for it's first nature walk tomorrow!

Lovely-one discovered real scissors! He had only used the plastic bladed ones before but - really - they don't work, do they?! So, once he got his hands on a kid-safe "real" pair and had a brief lesson he was raring to go! He's been snipping crazy ever since. Look at that focus and dedication to the art. So cute :)

Hug's little people. It's amazing what you can do with felt and wool and pipe cleaners.

Lovely and I worked on these simple colour pages for a colour book 

I love this photo. There's nothing like paints and art mats and supplies spread across the kitchen table

Detail of one of my own playful moments

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