Friday, July 18, 2008

Lovely-one and I had some fun today :)

Yesterday while Lovely was napping, Hug and I went through some of my 'Montessori' (and I say it that way because as much as I wished otherwise - we have no actual Montessori materials in our home. It's all appropriated :) boxes and put out some new activities. One of them was a collection of assorted magnets and nails and other metallic items. There is also a brass knife (to show that not everything metal is affected by magnetic forces). This is an introduction to the idea of magnetism and once Lovely has an understanding I will create an activity where he can sort magnetic and non-magnetic items. 

This red ball with a tiny but super strong magnet on it was a strong favourite. Here Lovely is testing it with a bobby pin.

Then, inspired by one of the videos on Experts Village I got the playdough out again (both boys were using it earlier this morning) and showed L how to pound it with his fist (no problems there :) - so we moved on to using a hammer (yup, got it Mama) - and then hammering golf tees in. He liked that. As I type this though he's got the playdough out again and the rolling pins and cookie cutters et al and is plastering his leg with it. Kids!

So, then I thought it was time for something arty. L hadn't ever had a chance to use these creamy silk crayons before (Hug got them as a gift about this age and they are *divine* but tres messy so they've been in hiding for a while). He took to them instantly and started working on this chunky mini canvas. I let him choose 3 colours. 

It all turned a bit murky in the middle so we painted his hand in white paint and got a great impression of his hand right there in the middle. This will be a lovely gift for someone I'm sure (if I can bear to part with it :) I have 1 more canvas for Hugi and I look forward to seeing what he will create!

Today, we also... did the shopping, played in the sandpit, did puzzles, read books, Shell matching activity, chalk board ("Stop it Mama. I'm chalking" :) and a million other little moments of cheeky-fun. Oh-oh I hear the washing machine lid closing - I had better go and check...

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