Monday, July 21, 2008

Creative jewels :)

I have had some fun this morning - it's Mama's morning! No need to feel too guilty about reading blogs because both of my sweet boys are biggie preschoolers today :) 

The sheets are dancing in the wind on the line outside my window. The kitchen clock is ticking rhythmically. All is quite here and I will need to jump up in a moment and do some work. But... I came across so many good ideas and I don't want to lose track of them so I thought a post would be good.

Colour mixing Triangle from The Crafty Crow - I think Hug will love this :) The image heading my post is all her gorgeousness. I'll post our when we've done it.

How to sew a string back pack from Mama Urchin (a good idea for birthday presents)

Magnetic Animal Habitat from Shiso Mama (I even think that we may have some magnetic printer paper in the back of the cupboard. Eeeek! So fun. Why aren't there more hours in the day?! :)

Homemade Tap Shoes from Martha Stewart Kids

Kids clothing Stencils from The Write Start. I need to find out what "freezer paper" is called here? I bought some and it wasn't this stuff. There have been lots of great posts about this and I wanna do some! There is also this tutorial from My Montessori Journey so I will have a good look at that first. 

Stone Dolls from maya*made. I have a little bag of smooth stones sitting with my art supplies waiting for a touch of inspiration & I think this is it!

I also discovered Olga's Gallery - an *amazing* resource for art prints that I know I'll really use. Thanks to The World According to Me :) I took her lead and have saved some Kandinsky images to print . I had been thinking about focusing on the great artists - maybe 1 per month - and this is great inspiration to do it!

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