Thursday, May 14, 2009

Books, Books & more Books!

Lovely hatched a plan today after we had gone through the sandpaper numbers (btw - I was able to see - and feel - some 'real' sandpaper numbers at a Montessori school on the weekend & was *shocked* at how fine the sandpaper was! I've used kinda average sandpaper which is *much* courser than the real ones & now I'm worried about sanding my children's fingertips off. Woops!) and it involved a lot of books...

Matching piles of books to each number! He was quite confident up until the last few & very interested with the idea that the Zero didn't get any books ;)

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  1. The beauty in this is that it was HIS idea! Love it! :)

  2. I know! I love that!! Plus, then we put all of the books away together including a big pile I had been meaning to sort all week ;)

  3. i've made my own sandpaper letters in the past, and used a somewhat rough sandpaper, definitely not as fine as the real ones. No one ever got bloody fingers :)

  4. LOL :) I'm trying to show Lovely how to softly 'dance' his fingers across the sandpaper but he insists on pressing quite hard. We'll have to see how it turns out!

  5. Great ideas - great visual on the zero.

    Laughed re the sandpaper. thanks for the tip. Do you think there will be a whole generation of homeschool monti children wuth weird fingertips? I was going to do normal rough stuff too. LOL.

    Always LOVE visiting your blog.

    and congrats on maps. (:


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