Wednesday, May 6, 2009


We're going to Tokyo!!!

It's all very exciting & has happened so quick that I actually have no idea yet about what we'll do when we get there ;) We got some amazing sale fares that we thought were too good to miss &, having spoken about Japan being a good place to take the boys previously, jumped at the chance.

Now I've got to fill in all of the details - like, where will we stay?! T & I stopped briefly in Tokyo 11 years but it's a different thing to travel with children & -oh, did I mentioned that my Mama is coming too? :) I really want to stay in a traditional style place like a Ryokan which we did last time but am not sure if that will work with kids. 

I also want to try & visit Mt Fuji & spend some time outside of Tokyo visiting temples and more rural areas.

Does anyone have any Japan tips?!

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  1. What a exciting news! I am so happy for you.
    You'd better get in touch with Jo from A Bit of This and a Bit of That ( She lives in Japan (raising her son the Montessori way, but the way). She is fantastic! I am sure she would be happy to assist you.
    Cheers, Miri

  2. Thanks Miri :) I just left a comment for her!

  3. Hi, I was born in raised in Tokyo, married then Hawaii for 6 years currently live in TN.

    I suggest you stop by "Kamakura" about 40min from central.
    "Kamakura Hachimangu" is traditional Japanese shirine and also you can visit many of wonderful little traditional shop that you can visit, eat, experience.
    How about the tea house in the bamboo temple?

    Take the boys to see "Daibutsu Kamakura" by "Enoden ( train occationally run on the street, right by the ocean - my 5 years old son's favorite)

    There is nice aquerium "Shin-Enoshima suizokukan" there.
    Near that, tiny old restaurant serving translucent tiny fishes on the rice "shirasu" took my son's breath away!

    Have a great time in Tokyo!
    I really enjoy your blog, its inspiring! Mahalo!

  4. Oh! I wish I was going too! Tokyo is on my must see list. Have fun!


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