Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lunch Baskets

One of the lovely things I'm enjoying about Hug's school is that I can send him with a lunch basket! 

Actually, both boys have lunch baskets & I snapped this picture tonight after I started packing them for tomorrow. The school doesn't allow plastic wrap on sandwiches or any pre-packaged food. The information that we were given before the school year started mentioned the idea of a lunch basket but I think only Hug & one other child in his class actually have one - the others do seem to have plastic cases (no characters) or insulated bags but I personally think that the basket is so charming. I love it!

Packing things with a minimum of wrapping can be tricky but I am a new convert to the joys of brown paper bags :)

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  1. The basket is lovely. I'm slowly but surely trying to go back to simpler ways of doing things. When I have been running out of plastic wrap, paper towels, etc., I just replace it with something natural/reusable. I am also slowly but surely starting to make my our clothing, bedding, etc. It makes me smile. And buying clothes didn't always make me smile.

  2. If you have some spare fabric, you can use furoshiki-japanese fabric wrapping-it's beautiful, and there are lots of online tutorials, also books. I wrap some foods in wax paper and then furoshiki.

  3. What a sweet way to present lunch! I'm feeling a basket picnic coming on sometime soon!

  4. Hey Amber... I made these sandwich wraps really easily last summer and they work beautifully. I don't know the exact rules of your school, but I am guessing something reusable would be acceptable? You may want to check these out.


    There are also these, which we each have one of:


    and we each also have stainless steal bento containers that have plastic tops that we put small snacks in to avoid using plastic bags. I love all my bento stuff. Even the stuff with some plastic. I keep a small box of homemade trail mix in my purse at all times along with a granola bar or two for the kids so we don't eat out. It always seems like I have 'lunch' with me. ;)

    BTW, these baskets are beautiful. I am with you. I would way rather have a basket than a bought plastic lunch pail. Great job.


  5. check out the reusable sandwich and snack bags at


    I LOVE them. I recommend the smaller size... I find the big ones are too big for my 6 year old's lunch.

  6. Hi! I will have to check out these links! A bit busy at the moment but want to do it real soon :)


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