Thursday, May 14, 2009

Orange Hemispheres

Take 1 orange (we don't have any of those 'perfect' looking ones around here ;) & roughly draw the shape of the continents on it with a permanent marker. Use the top of the orange (where the stem was atttached) as the North Pole.

Slice the orange in half creating a Western and Eastern Hemisphere. You can scoop out the fruit & show how the hemispheres can be flattened & explain that this is how we make maps.

Here's what Hug did himself after my presentation (which was in the middle in dinner btw! the orange was their dessert :) You can see that he's circled the North Pole on this lime & drawn an arrow (pointing North) as a compass.

And then gobbled it all up!

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  1. Lovely Activity! You sure have some great ideas!

  2. Love it - we have oranges right now and the kids would really like all of the presentation - esp. the eating part.

  3. This is a great idea! Cyan is working on cultures around the world right now and this would fit right in!


  4. this works really well if when using the world map puzzle, the child doesn't understand why it looks like there's 2 Antartica's :)


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