Monday, May 4, 2009

Rhyming words

Hug has been trying to get his head around rhyming words recently. Something that he's found a bit frustrating. Last night I pulled out this book I bought at a thrift shop & put it on his shelf for him to discover. 

He found it at 7am ;) He was rather enthusiastic about it  & neither T or could get any of our morning jobs done because we had to sit with him! Eventually I showed him how he could work independently by placing a counter on the answer & just show us when he finished a page. These glass counters are great for so many things!

Lori at Montessori for Everyone blogged about some pre-reading language ideas today & featured the good idea of creating a rhyming basket & I hope to put one of them together next.

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  1. That book looks ace! I may have to draw some rhyming sheets for my kids! They are interested in rhyming, but still figuring it out. I like the idea of the rhyming basket too! There's an explosion of understanding happening in our house at the moment and I need to channel it!

  2. I often wonder what I used to do before I bought a couple bags of glass "counters" We use them all of the time!

    And I love a good thrift store find too!


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