Monday, May 4, 2009

Experiment: Soil

A scoop of soil, a clear glass jar & water.

Add the soil to the jar

Pour in the water

and Observe...

The soil will settle in layers. I offered the extension of doing a drawing of what we can see in the layers but no-one has taken me up on that yet - but the jar is still sitting on the bench so I wouldn't be surprised if they want to later.

This lesson idea was from this sample page (Plant Needs) on the New Child Montessori Curriculum website. 

I've decided that I am definitely going to buy the Guides! Having trialed them for the past little while (using the sample pages) I think that they're just so good & Gini (who created them) has been so helpful in answering my questions via email :) 

Now (to complement the Guides) I just need to place my first Montessori materials order... eeeek! It's thrilling but scary too. More to come on this topic, for sure!!  :)

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  1. oh! i love, love this experiment. thank you for reminding me!

    way to go on all your intentional work.

  2. Please post about how you like the guides. i still have not decided. I just placed my first order of Montessori products. I am very happy with them, and great customer service too! and
    It is the same company, just 2 different lines.

  3. Hi Anonymous ;)

    Do you have a name or blog? I will *definitely* post about the guides. Thanks for the links you provided - I hadn't seen either before - I only just learning of Gonzagarredi Montessori materials a few days ago!

    I so wish I was able to purchase some high quality materials :) The prices are good at the 2nd link though. I am in Australia & it appears that Adena is the only company that does a special deal on postage so I will either probably have to go with them or I might be buying some second hand materials locally.

  4. Great experiment. Thanks for the link.

  5. Hello there! Are you mostly an active online visitor or maybe you prefer being offline?


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