Friday, May 15, 2009

Sticking to a Budget...

I need to come up with a way to simplify the process of sticking to a monthly budget & tracking my spending... I do have a budget but it seems like it takes a lot of work to keep up with it & it's fallen by the wayside many times ;)

Does anyone have any good tips? 

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  1. Have you tried

    We haven't found something perfect that has worked for us, but it was the closest. And then we have a spread sheet for our snowball from here:

    go into 'planning' Then into Spreadsheets and you can down load and print a whole debt snowball based on what you can put into it, and how many debts you have. This project I REALLY enjoyed because it shows you, point blank, right where you are. Part of it is humbling... but it certianly makes you look at it in a new light.

    Best of luck!


  2. Thia is what we started using in January and have stuck to it. We always have had trouble in the past sticking to something, but this one is REALLY great.
    It is from the show "Till DEBT do us part"
    Just follow the link! Good Luck!

  3. We made a spread sheet on Excel and I balance it to our checkbook about twice a month so I can see exactly how we are spending, and where we are going over etc... Also we don't use a card on that account, we stick to cash or checks. We have a separate checking account with a card if needed but we don't keep much money in there so if we want to use the card we have to go online and transfer money into it. It makes us much more aware of our resources and spending

  4. Hi, Amber... came here by way of Holy Experience for the edible orange maps! :) Thank you...

    I was wondering, as I've pored over your site and picked up so many good activities to do with my kiddos, whom I homeschool. For my 3-year-old, I'm loving the wooden bowls you have- might I ask where you got them? I was thinking that I could thrift them- I've seen them at Salvation Army, but never thought too much about what they would be good for... she would love it.

    Thank you for your time- I will be back again and again! May you be encouraged in all you do with your precious little ones... it is so important!

  5. Maybe try the GOOD book - the Get Out Of Debt book. It's obviously about getting out of debt, but it is really good for budgeting etc. It is part of the SideTracked Home Executives gang, with FlyLady and the House Fairy and Saving Dinner.

    Best of Luck!

  6. Hi Amber, I left this comment on my blog after you posted a comment, but I am not sure if you got it.
    I have thought and thought some more about purchasing that same curriculum, but have had mixed reviews. Does it include all areas or mostly culture and science? Do you have to get a ton of books each week from the library?
    I would love to view a bit bigger sample than what they have on the site....
    I would love your opinion about it all!
    Thanks for the post!


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