Sunday, May 3, 2009

Our Sandpaper Numbers

We finally have some Sandpaper Numbers!

I actually found these numbers at a stationery store last year (in their half price basket - yippee!) & hadn't got it together to buy the sandpaper  & turn them into what I wanted... until now that is :)

They're kinda huge & a mix of colours which of course isn't ideal but I'm happy. The cool thing is that the actual number came with it too (sitting in the space now filled with the sandpaper - the sandpaper is just stuck onto the back of the cards, face up) so I'm sure that there will be many extensions & uses for them also. The cards do have a little name & logo of the company that made them on each one so I may cover that with a label of the number, Eg. 'one'.

This was Lovely's first time with them. I think I kind of jumped the gun a little because I had given him a numbers puzzle which he was really enjoying so I got excited but I really need to go back now & present a lesson on Sensitizing the finger tips & make the Touch Boards and Touch Tablets.

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  1. What a neat idea! I never thought of glueing the sandpaper to the back of the stencil. Much easier!


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