Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Seeing that I'm without a camera this week I've gone back through my pix... to show you the felting that T and I did at the parent evening at Hug's school last week. It was so easy & quite fun. Don't actually ask me all the steps (I'm sure you can easily google it) but it's a nice idea for a girls evening. Picture: lots of tea and biscuits... Ahhh. Bliss! 

T, however, had actually done it before when he used to take Hug to playgroup & I think he was less thrilled than I was to be at it again ;)

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  1. Hi Amber, For some reason my following your blog is slow. It usually takes up to a day after you post them that they show up. So today I just figured I'd check it out and sure enough...2 new posts!
    The discount color boxes I bought were so close in some of the colors. i could almost sat that some were identical. I worked it out though by only using 5 of each which still creates a challenge!
    Are you still excited about the guides? Do the guides use the Montessori materials for subjects such as math (ex the addition strip board or golden bead materials) and then do they go with the art activity and culture activity for the day? Not sure if that makes any sense...
    Have a super day anyway! Thanks for the delightful new posts!


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