Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Simple Extravagance of Nature | A Byron Bay Sunset

T said he needed to walk on the beach.

Too much screen time up my sleeves - I readily agreed. We bundled our boys straight from the school bus and into Byron. They said The Pass

We parked at the top of the hill and walked the track down. The trees closing in on us brought an early darkness that spilt us out at the bottom onto the sand and the most sublime sunset.


T walked.
The boys ran. 
And I was lost in light and colour.

The sun set over the water, the sky blending from a golden yellow to fiery burnt orange and when it finally dipped completely beneath the craggy mountainscape of Mt Warning and I didn't think it could get more beautiful a wave of pink swept in from the right; it swept right around from Wategos beach and.. it turned everything into magic.

{ You can actually watch a video I posted on instagram that night if you like - turn off the sound; it was windy! }

Mother Nature you are just SO sublime.
So heartbreakingly beautiful.

I am still in awe of the amazing theatre of colour that danced around me that night. These are the moments that stop us. That keep our eyes open and our hearts singing. That fill us up with reserves of bliss and gratitude for life. The extravagances of a life lived simply.

Where do you go to find your bliss? What fills you up and keeps you going? Please share :)

Amber. XO

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