Friday, July 11, 2014

191/365 Our School Holiday Disasters

So, somehow, you would think that having homeschooled; the school holidays would be easy-peasy! And in many ways they are - but these two ARE a handful!! Just look at them! God knows what they were saying to me when I took this photo. Hahaha. Cheeky-chops ;)

But really, extreme-cheekiness aside, all my disasters were house ones. This holidays our house just seemed to become a disaster zone!

Starting with when we ran out of gas on the first Wednesday night. I didn't worry too much at first because { I thought } T had ordered a new bottle over the weekend, and we didn't use the heating or the stove at all on Thursday but suddenly Friday morning arrived and it was FREEZING. That was when I realised that the gas hadn't been delivered - or ordered!! Apparently we had closed our account when we went overseas last year and the automated system had taken our phone order but couldn't process the account - aaaaand, to cut a long story short; we had to wait until the following Monday for a new gas delivery.

We all managed to survive the weekend. Just. I know it looks like we are all summer-y and warm in a lot of my photos, and it is in the day! but we've been getting frosts and dropping below zero in the early mornings. We live in an old Queenslander and, well; we're just not setup for the cold. The gas did arrive on Monday - Woohoo! - but then on Wednesday morning it was so cold that our solar hot water pipes burst, and water started pouring off our roof! Ackkk. T was away, and I had no idea what to do - aside from turn off the water for the entire house and call an emergency plumber who kindly reshuffled their day so they could fix it that afternoon - bless!! But we still had Wednesday without water.

So the next day was our IKEA trip - which was amazingly successful considering I dragged an eight and a ten-year-old through there for almost seven hours { I kid you not! That place is wild } before getting the hell out only to discover twenty minutes down the road that KT had left his iPod behind. Somewhere. Amazingly, I called, and someone had handed it in and we can go back and collect it this week. Which is amazeballs.  THANK YOU kind person who found-but-did-not-keep my eight-year-old's iPod!!! #glorydays { but still kind of SUCKS balls a little }.

Ummm, so then we got home late only to discover the bathroom smelt BAD. Which I choose to ignore. Unfortunately 'bad' turned to baaaaaadddd the next day when I realised the toilet was actually blocked. Hence the smell. Oh, plus I discovered a badly decomposed sandwich on top of the clothes dryer. WTF?

Friday was fun. We unpacked our new bits and pieces and rearranged some rooms. For those who have asked; I bought three rugs, a desk for B, some bedding, new curtains, a cool cardboard market stand and swing for KT and a squillion cushions. Fun. It is, however, not possible to go to IKEA without needing to return a few things that don't work. Is it?? I'm always so frazzled at the end of a visit that I just put everything through so we can go and then come to my senses the next day. Now we have a big lampshade and some mosquito net things to return { at least } and a few things like anti-slip mats and ceiling attachments for the swing, etc. that we will need to return for. Life.

Anyway, back to my disasters, because Friday night Buster woke up with a roaring fever, a headache and a tummy-ache :( T was still away { I hate when the kids get sick when you're home alone don't you? } but the worst bit was when he woke up in my bed in the night saying "I feel like I'm going to be sick" and while I rushed him to the bathroom all I could think of was the now completely-jammed toilet and the horror that could be about to unfold. Hahahaha.  Luckily he didn't throw up. And I managed to clear the toilet - with a stick mind you! - the next morning. Unfortunately he's still feeling blerk. School went back today and I sent KT but B is still here with me. Fingers crossed for tomorrow please.

And I haven't even STARTED to discuss nits. Can I tell you that, in my experience, homeschool kids don't get nits!?!! I always thought that was one of the best things about it ;) Hee Hee. But, yeah, school kids do. Wahhhhhh. So amongst all of the rest of it we've been doing the dreaded comb-throughs and my laundry has been overwhelmed with neverending loads of rotating bedding.

So those were my hols. Must tell my husband to not book two weeks of away-work over the holidays again! Apparently everything falls apart when he's not here. But really, we also had a lot of GOOD TIMES too. We went to the cinema and saw Rio 2, we set-up both of their rooms, we got to hang out with friends, and go to a winter bonfire and do tennis camp. We went to the beach and walked the dawg, and watched lots of movies snuggled up on the couch together in the downtime. I even got to go on a detox day in the forest for the very last official day of the holidays - yesterday! { more on that to come } so, hey, it absolutely wasn't a complete disaster ;) At all.

How were your school holidays? 
Adventurous, fun, relaxing or equally disaster-ridden? Do tell.

Amber. XO

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