Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ten Reasons Why I Heart Coconut Oil

Are you in love with coconut oil yet? 
I am! Here are ten reasons why:

1. It's GOOD for you { Coconut oil is a healthy fat; we may not want excess fat on our hips, but we DO want good fats being metabolised by our bodies for optimal brain function. Plus, it can boost our metabolism, stop sugar cravings and improve immunity }

2. You can cook with it { switch out your regular cooking oil for coconut oil }

3. You can take your makeup off with it { easy peasy }

4.  You can eat it raw { go on, just pop that spoon in your mouth; Miranda Kerr stylee }

5.  You can rub it all over your body { see my accompanying photos; if I need to melt some coconut oil for a recipe - it's liquid in Summer / solid in Winter - I use my hands to wipe out the excess oil and lather it on myself before I wash the saucepan #yesiamageniuslikethat } 

6.  It makes a FAB body scrub { See my DETOX post here

7.  It can improve your dental health { google 'oil pulling' or leave me a comment below and I'll do a post about it! }

8. Dry / flyaway hair? apply.da.oil. { a little bit of oil for flyways / an overnight mask for revitalising your locks }

9. You can use it as a personal lubricant { apparently. I haven't tried it... maybe I should ;) }

10. Coconut oil is antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial so it can help heal burns, skin wounds, bruising and scars { yes! }

Plus, it SMELLS gooooood { I'm all about the senses, aren't you?! } so I'm adding in a sneaky number eleven :)

Do you use coconut oil? What can you add to my list? Let's talk in the comments below!
Amber. XO

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  1. Been painting the walls or furniture and can't get the paint off?? Use coconut oil on your hands to get oil or waterbased paint off in a jiffy!

    Good for coldsores and dry lips.

    Hair treatment... Rub in on, put on a shower cap or cling wrap and add some warmth let it sit for 20 minutes, wash off and hey presto fresh luscious locks!

    Nappy rash cream

    Good for eczema

    So many more!!!!!!

    1. Hi Anonymous { how I wish I knew your name!! } that's such a good list - I wouldn't have thought of the paint removal options!! Bravo. Amber. xo

  2. Hi Amber. I found your link on the Urban Naturale site blog party. I also love coconut oil. It's my main cooking oil, and I use it as a moisturizer on my face every morning and evening. I've heard that coconut oil contains a lot of antioxidants, so it's really great for our skin. I have also been known to put extra coconut oil that I have been using for cooking on my hands thereafter. Coconut oil works great as a lip moisturizer too :). I've also heard that coconut oil is helpful to keep the skin supple during pregnancy to help with stretch marks (I haven't had the opportunity to test that claim out yet, though), and I should think that it would be good for diaper rash in infants due to its anti fungal properties...


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