Wednesday, July 16, 2014

196/365 Woah - Gluten Free Jam Doughnut Alert!

Believe it or not { yes, we may just happen to be listening to the theme song from The Great American Hero in bed right now, aren't you?! ;) } after more than two years eating gluten-free KT just ate his first jam doughnut! A GLUTEN-FREE JAM DOUGHNUT!

Oh YEAH! Happy days.

Small pleasures I know but when you're eight, and you spent a good portion of the past year perusing insanely attractive bakeries through Europe unable to eat pretty much any of it { macarons aside; God bless macarons!! } then finding a bakery with gf doughnuts is damn exciting. 

Byron locals; have you checked out the Holy Grain Bakery? It's near the organic butchers on Johnson Street. And the fresh bread is good too. And the banana bread. Yay!

Is anyone in your family gluten-free, dairy-free or something-else-free?
Let's talk family dietary requirements in the comments below, on fb or twitter :)

Amber. XO

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