Wednesday, July 9, 2014

189/365 Strawberry Net Self-Love

My husband gets a lot of parcels delivered.

Mostly it's books but the postman and I are always chuckling about the day when he might just have something for meeeeeee { not that I'm needy of course - never! Lol } so I came up with a solution: Strawberrynet.

Yay! And I - finally - got a FREAKING parcel ;)

* happy dance *

I first bought this Estée Lauder cleanser as an early birthday present to myself when we were in Paris last year. I bought the moisturiser too and went through it pretty quickly { I love a rich moisturiser, but I also break out easily, so I have to be a bit careful with which products I use. Right now my skin is happy with a Clarins eye cream and an inexpensive Olay 7 Wonders cream so I'm not going to change my routine } but I was amazed at how long the cleanser lasted - I've only just run out now which pretty much means it lasted me 6 months. Good value!

And there is a funny story; after countless post-France flights { Milan to Abu Dhabi / Abu Dhabi to Bangkok / Bangkok to Singapore / Singapore to Bali } we were boarding our flight home from Denpasar when they refused to let me take it in my carry-on. I was under the impression that a cream cleanser was okay, seeing that it's not exactly a liquidy-liquid; but apparently not. There was no way I was going to get past them { unlike Buster's play 'bow and arrow' set that airport staff confiscated at Bangkok airport, but then returned when he cried!! KT had won it for him in Dubai. The sentimental kid - not that he'd admit it ;) } so I decided to dispense the more-than-half-full tube into a collection of smaller containers I had in my bag much to T's horror! Hahaha.

Yes, it may have been about midnight, and yes I was travelling with two hungry kids { there is NO gluten free food at Denpasar airport in case you were wondering } and yes I may have been slightly delusional. Let's just say -  I was in need of small victories. Take that uber-cautious airline staff!!

Anyway, so yeah. I have a new one now. And a Calvin Klein lipgloss (freebie). And I'm no longer dispensing from a jar. Whoop! And I ordered it gift-wrapped too :) #winning.

What was the last little { or big } present you bought for yourself?
Amber. XO

p.s.  Claire just texted me to tell me that she bought herself A DIAMOND RING today. Ha! So I'm not feeling quite as decadent anymore. Lol. But still - how cool is that?! Must add "buy own diamond ring" to my long-term to-do list ;) xxx

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