Thursday, May 15, 2014

Spontaneous Beach Picnic! | Broken Head

Last Sunday, after my surprise massage was over and I had lingered in some kind of dreamy, post-massage bliss in the relaxation area at Byron at Byron drinking organic herbal tea and soaking up my fave new magazine discovery - yes, I  mean Renegade Collective! -  I reluctantly disrobed myself of the kimono-style spa robe and slippers, took a deep breath, centred myself and re-entered the real world.

What I didn't know was that in the interim my lovely boys had been shopping and organised a spontaneous beach picnic - hooray! And all I had to do - was decide where we would go. The suggestions?: Wategos (aka Byron Bay's beach mecca) or Broken Head.

Actually, it was an easy choice. 

We were already to the south of Byron and Broken Head Nature Reserve is just a few kilometres further along the coast road. Plus, I hadn't been to Broken Head since we had returned from our big trip; it seemed the perfect choice. 

But it was MORE than perfect.
Look how God-damn gorgeous it is!!

We didn't have plates or picnic accoutrement. But we did have my sarong. 
Olives, Australian brie, crackers, baby toms and yummy local Baraka hummus. 

Voila. An instant tear-the-cheese-into-wedges beach picnic on the sand. 

Oh, plus Chupa Chups are essential apparently.
(I had strawberries and cream! Yum).

We hung out for a few hours. 

The boys swam and we walked and everyone climbed on the rocks which were like a tribal playground playing with their beautiful ochre clay. 

And then the shadows started to get longer and the sun decided to fall below the tree line. We clambered back to the car and drove off into the sunset. Sun-kissed, wind-swept and hungry again ;) 

That really is some kind of crazy-good paradise down there. Just six kilometres south of the busy-ness of Byron. It's sweet perfection. Okay, I might have said that Wategos last week ;) Hey, I love beaches! But this one is something else...

So, I'll let the images do the talking. 

Do you have a sacred beach, a place to escape or favourite picnic spot? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below or on facebook, instagram or twitter!

Amber. XO

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  1. It looks perfect when we lived in New Zealand I loved KareKare bliss. :))

  2. What a gorgeous beach! You didn't have vegemite? My Australian friends are obsessed with it, ha, ha
    I live in Barcelona, and we usually go to Beaches near Tarragona.
    Best regards from the other part of the world!
    A Bilingual Baby blog

  3. Hello Marta!
    Thank you for introducing yourself & commenting. Lovely to 'meet' you.
    And no - no Vegemite! I can only eat it on toasted bread ;)

    I love Barcelona - but I've only been once and it was years ago. We so wanted to take our boys when we were in Europe this winter but apparently you can't do EVERYTHING. Who knew? xx


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