Monday, May 26, 2014

When Your Friend Has Triplets? It's Triple the Cute!

We lived in Sydney the year our boys were four and six. 

It's funny living somewhere for just a year: you have to meet a lot of new people but you don't make many actual 'friends' in that time. [ Well, I didn't... Maybe you have a fabulous social technique! In which case you should share it with us so we can join the friend-a-thon :) ].

Anyway, so there I was. In Sydney. With two little boys. Among the people I met was another mama, Simone, who also had two boys. She lived on our street. Her eldest child was in the same class as my eldest child. And guess what?! We became friends. 

Not that we got to spend lots of time together - what is TIME when you have four small busy boys between you ;) - but we walked to and from the school, we celebrated the Winter Solstice, we drank the occasional cup of tea together. And I knew that we would likely stay in touch after that year had slipped past us. 

I also knew that she was hoping for another baby :)

We settled back into our country-life to the north and got busy homeschooling. Life shuffled along. And then I heard that Simone was expected a baby! Well, actually *three* babies to be precise. Wow! From a family of four to a family of seven... I [ still! ] can only imagine. And - they were all girls.

We did get to meet them when the the triplets were a few months old which was lovely but earlier this year we caught up again and I brought my camera along for an impromptu photoshoot. To capture our cool-cat boys hanging out together - yay! - AND the cute little ones, now two, also.

Here are some of the photos. I'm even going to see if I can remember which girl is which. Simone can tell us if I get it totally wrong!! Lol. My favourite shots are the last ones: where we tried to get our seven monkeys to get into the same photo. Funny.  

Oh! And I'm thinking of coming down to Sydney in a few weeks time. I might even take a few bookings  if anyone is interested :) 




Simone and her girls. 

Our biggest monkeys! 

Plus our middle two :)

Me, Simone and Tilly. I think! ;)

p.s. Don't forget to let me know if you're interested in booking a family shoot - I'd love to talk to you!

Love, Amber. XO

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