Saturday, May 24, 2014

143/365 Farmers Market Fresh!

Ooooo, I do enjoy Saturday mornings! 

Today's farmers market haul was as follows:

+ 3 'fancy' lettuce
+ 1 kilo baby cucumbers
+ cherry tomatoes 
+ 2 beautiful big tomatoes
+ 2 red capsicums
+ broccoli
+ organic baby bananas
+ 2 ripe avos
+ local beef sausages
+ one dozen 'jumbo' fresh local free-range eggs ( I love seeing these chickens roaming free every time I drive over the hill to Byron!)
+ a cauliflower
+ spinach
+ 4 tangelos
+ 2 lemons
+ homemade lemon butter
+ rhubarb
+ market focaccia
+ and a 'sticky swirl'!

Official YUM.

That was about sixty dollars worth of shopping. And a LOT more fun and colourful and healthful than what the few hundred dollars I spent at the supermarket this week got me!

Share your haul! What are YOU enjoying eating at the moment? x

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