Saturday, May 10, 2014

128/365 It's Easy Loving Green

I love living somewhere so green

I'm not such a fan of the red - our soil is renown for it's dense red colour - and when you live in a house full of white it's always a problem. Anyone who has been to our house knows what I mean! ;) Plus - it doesn't help that there seems to be an ant universe in our front yard; ant hills par excellence. I have always hesitated to disturb them but a woman has her limits! Watch out ants. 

But back to the green... 

Isn't green amazing?! Green is quintessentially soothing and calming yet revitalising and bodacious at the same time! Green is life. I love being surrounded by green. I am not a gardener, I have no green thumb. But I do need it in my life. 

But hang on, then there is blue... Ahhh, colour of the ocean and the sky. I'll get back to you later :) And pink/orange/yellow. Be still my heart. Okay, I'm just in love with colour (and the absence of colour if we are going there - I'm a big white-lover too). But, I'm fixating on the green right now.

What colours do you particularly love? x

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