Wednesday, June 18, 2014

This is Ten

This is M.

Buster and M went to kindergarten together :) And suddenly - apparently she is TEN. 10! Ahhhh, that's right - Buster is ten too... * mind explodes * !! I can't even keep up - where did all of these amazing almost-as-tall-as-me young people come from?!

I love ten.

Buster teaches me new things every single day. I love watching him grow, expand, change. But it was extra-lovely spending time with a ten year old girl. Funny, smart, with a mind of her own! Very cool.

This was a bit of a spontaneous sunshine photo-shoot, the same afternoon I took Atlas and Everest's photos in Byron { yes! M's lovely mama Michelle is the mutual friend I mentioned sharing with Claire }. The light was just too perfect not to - so I asked her { and her mum! } and we took photos for five minutes. That's all. But I really do like them...

The sunshine girl! This is ten.

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