Saturday, June 7, 2014

157/365 The Perfect Saturday.

Waking up sleepy Saturday. 
No soccer. Bliss! T took Buster out for coffee, went to the farmer's market for our weekly stash and then came home to collect Kingsley and I. 

Beach brunch time! 
Destination Wategos. 

The water was turquoise and the surfers were in force. But the thing we loved the most was watching the kayakers - because - they weren't going anywhere. Which means just one fabulous thing (well, two!) that there are dolphins or whales in the bay. Ahhhhhh... it was dolphins!

After hovering out there in the deep for what felt like almost an hour they came in to land. 

Meanwhile, we ate. And played handball. And the boys swam and we all followed the golden rim of sand to Little Wategos beach. I walked back via the track and stopped in awe at the beauty unfolding below me. 

Such a lovely way to start a long weekend. 
I want more days like this...

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Merci beaucoup! xx

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