Monday, June 9, 2014

159/365 I Only Have Eyes For You

Edit -  The shoot is up now: here and here. Go have a look! XO

Yesterday, after being woken early to the reminder that we had promised to watch a movie together { that hadn't downloaded the night before }, getting caught in the rain and seeing Rainbows, drinking coffee at the Beach Cafe and talking dreams with T, coming home for lunch and dog walks and more { it's remarkable how much you can fit into a day when you get up early! }, I left my own three reading and creating and being generally snuggly at home and ventured out into the big wide world.

I have been challenging myself to be brave.

To step out of my comfort zone creatively and personally. To say yes. Yes, I'll be there. Yes, I'll attend. Yes, I can do that. One of the key things I wanted to challenge myself with was asking permission to take the photos I want to take. I'm still working on it. There are moments every day that speak to me. People I pass who I instinctively want to capture on film { okay, not on film - on camera - forgive me for my romanticism ;) but it just seems the right way to say it }. Asking to be allowed to look into someones eyes, their life, even for a moment is an intimate thing. So asking to do it can be intimidating.

A few weeks ago I met Claire at the Byron Bay Instagrammers meet-up. We had connected on instagram while I was travelling, realising our Bali / Byron connection. I knew I liked her online but it was a nice surprise to realise I really liked her in person too. And that her and her babies { two under two } are beautiful. Okay, I had gathered that on her instagram but she's striking in real life.

I asked to photograph her. Them.
And she said yes.

So yesterday, I found myself winding down the back road towards Byron. Being brave.

Not that I needed to be brave exactly. I was welcomed into their home with open arms.
{ Actually - into the open arms of mutual friends! - who happened to have dropped in for a spontaneous long-lunch. Ha! } And we made photos. My vision of sleeping chubby cherubs coming to life before me. Well, one sleeping cherub... and one who only had eyes for his mama.


It was perfect shoot. Life-y and raw and tender. I have a lot of images to edit but I should have a post together next week. Until then, I just had to share one for my #photoaday2014 project. I hope you like it as much as I do.

Amber. XO

p.s. Are you brave? Have you set your own personal or creative challenge? Please share your story. x

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Merci beaucoup! xx

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  1. Gorgeous photo of gorgeous buddles of joy. Good for being brave its well worth it looks at the Fantastic photo you took xxxx

    1. Thank you Emma! You're always so supportive and I really do appreciate it. Mwa. xx


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