Tuesday, June 24, 2014

How to: Hold A Lazy Afternoon Tea

Glimpses of Sunday-just-gone's lazy afternoon tea with friends { I may or may not have only gotten out of bed about an hour before I took these photos ;) }.

How to:

+ Invite your neighbours and new family friends around to have afternoon tea at 4 on Sunday.
+ Make sure you're out of your pyjamas by at least 3pm.
+ Send husband { and eight year old } to the shops half an hour before guests arrive.
+ Ask ten year old to set the table { he picks flowers = bonus points! }.
+ Get out the pretty glasses and bowls.
+ Make pink milk and serve in cute juice jars with stripy straws for the kids.
+ Pop snacks on table { dispensing crackers from their packaging is optional }.

Voila! One very-lazy afternoon tea: ready. 
Ummm, minus the tea. Yeah, we ignored that bit ;) Champagne anyone?

Do you have any of  your own lazy entertaining secrets?
Please share! XO

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  1. This looks perfect!! You made a gorgeous display for such a lazy tea :)


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