Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Little Ones in the Big Wide World

Today, I spent the day at Hug's school helping to prepare the children's new classroom. It was a day of hard work & mama's bonding and after what-seemed-like-an-eternity / before-I-knew-it it was time to collect Hug from his classroom & head home. 

The thing that struck me was that in all of the focus I'd thrown into the task at hand I hadn't once thought of where I'd parked the car (or life outside of that room, for that matter) ... so, hand in hand, we headed up to the cars & I had this moment of realisation that this is what *he* must feel every afternoon when I collect him - & more to the point - everyday, in a myriad of ways. Not knowing what or where or how or when. It's a small thing but felt really fundamental today. They're still so little & the world is so big. 

Just food for thought...

{NB: These photos are the wonderful work of our beloved Rainbow-dada. Thanks T :) We love you! }

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  1. those are some excellent pictures!!!

  2. I love how you connected the lost car feeling to that of a small child. I know exactly the feeling you're speaking of..

    The photos are lovely! In June we are finally making the 8+ hour drive so the boys can see the ocean for the first time. We are so excited! :)

  3. It is so easy to forget, sometimes, just how little they really are.
    As mommies our children take up so much of our time, our thoughts, our hearts, our energy...our world, really. So our perspective can get skewed and they seem much bigger than life.
    Good to take a step back sometimes and see them as they really are.
    Beautiful pics.

  4. I love the beach pictures! Can't wait to go.


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