Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter Activity | Stuffing an egg!

Inspired by Val at Homeschooling in the Rose Garden I decided to try & stuff some blown eggs with the little Easter gifts that I had bought for my boys. The gifts are a little wooden hand-painted chick (for Lovely) and a bunny (for Hug). I've had my eyes on that bunny for months!

First I blew out, washed & dried the egg shell. Then I stuffed the egg with some spun wool to make the chick cosy. Here she goes!

The bunny was too big to actually fit into the egg so he's sitting in a little egg shell & wool nest. I applied a transfer as a finishing touch to the chick-filled one. Too cute, if I say so myself :) 

The gifts then snuggled into a pair of Beatrix Potter mugs with some extra wool & some of those chocolate speckled eggs for company.

I actually thought I'd bought 2 Peter Rabbit mugs but one seems to be Jemima Puddle Duck. Oh well, it matches the chick at least ;) and fingers crossed there won't be any complaints.

Happy Easter!

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  1. That bunny sure is cute! Today I bought charms for Cyan and Alex for their fairy eggs... but decided to only make two for each kiddo and use the rest of my blown eggs for beeswax candles and chocolate eggs (inspired by you of course). Can't wait to see how they turn out! Easter crafts are for tomorrow!



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