Friday, April 3, 2009

Tweezing Watermelon Seeds | Practical Life

Inspired by the beautiful blog Teaching Montessori (so sweet & simple - just full of wonderfully displayed Montessori activities. This lady has a brilliant eye! And if only my posts were so perfectly succinct ;) I saved the watermelon seeds from the watermelons that we grew and introduced our first tweezing exercise. 

It's been one of Lovely's favourite activities ever since. I love watching his concentration :)

Yesterday, he started scooping the seeds out of the bowl with his hand & I was so tempted to stop him but didn't and then discovered that he had turned his closed fist into a raincloud and was gently 'raining' with the seeds.

A diversion, yes, but a wonderful one me thinks :)

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  1. Oh, I know those moments so well... I am just about to 'correct' when I realize that a whole different thinking is going on. Teaches us to have faith...

  2. awww, I love your blog. great ideas!

  3. Dear Rainbow mama,

    I am so thrilled with what you wrote about my blog...Thank you so much for visiting and for your comments!

    Teaching Montessori


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