Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunny beach days in Winter

We spent all morning at the beach! How fun. We were farewell-ing our darling friends (who I am going to miss *so* much) with breakfast at the surf-life-saving club & the kids got themselves invited in to see all of the equipment. They were completely in their element! Ahhhh, it makes a mama's heart shine to see her children so happy :)

Here is Lovely steering the rubber-ducky

And Hug on the quad bike

When we got home H decided to get drawing & came up with these very colourful pictures. This was the first & my favourite. The surf life saver guy with the rubber ducky to his left and the quad bike to his right and then the blue sky & sunshine. Love it.

Another image of the bike on the grass with the water behind him.

Now, this doesn't look like much - but it is actually a view of the SLS room from the door: Surf boards stacked to the right, 3 rubber-duckies (2 on wheeled trailers & then 1 suspended from the ceiling) and that square to the left is the viewing trailer. I'm always amazed at Hug's memory for detail. He's quite like me in that regard - we both usually know where things are whereas T & L have no idea! :) A mapping mind I think it's called but even I couldn't have recalled everything like this quick sketch did.

3 men in the viewing trailer

2 surf-life-savers out in the rubber-ducky on the water

Hello :) That's me.

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