Sunday, August 10, 2008

Kandinsky update

We have been enjoying our Kandinsky artist basket. Hug & I spent a morning doing our own versions of this beautiful painting. Hug didn't finish his one but when he came home from preschool he had done this during the day:

I love to think that he carried that image with him through the day & was able to create his own version without looking at the original.

I also found this quick sketch he had done another time.

We have also looked at this painting (same series).

Here Hug is working on his own version. I don't think that too many of these works have actually been completely finished, but I really think that the images have made a big impact on both boys. They have also really enjoyed playing the classical music cd that is in the basket & some days I have popped a print on the bedside table that they share. Plus, Hug went & got the map of Russia when Australia were playing Russia in some sport in the Olympics. I did spend some time organising the artworks in chronological order too & we talked about how his art became increasingly abstract over time.

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