Friday, August 15, 2008

En plein air

I really like the idea of getting outside or en plein air & being creative. We were invited to visit friends yesterday who told us at the last minute to bring our painting gear - sounded like a great idea! My friend, K, had bought 3 small canvases for my boys & her little guy & set them up outside on the grass in the sunshine.

I quickly became obsessed with how beautiful the paint looked on the palette as it all started to get mixed together with messy brushes.. I'm a bit like that!... I took about a million macro photos... until I got a bit too close to a 2-year-olds paintbrush & got my camera totally gooped! It was worth it (even if my lens cover still won't work ;)

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  1. Just found your blog from someone else's blog, and I'm glad I did! Love it! :)


  2. Hi Kari!
    Thanks for coming to visit :)

  3. Yesterday I stopped at the park where I used to paint outside when I was in college. I was a great little stop on my only regret is I didn't bring my paint with me!

  4. Wow is that on boxed canvas? Nice! Where will you hang it?

  5. Hi Girl Japan :)
    Hug's painting is on the wall above our reading area & Lovely's is on the bookshelf in their bedroom.

    To be completely honest they turned out rather murky! Only because they did so many layers & so much colour mixing!! If only I could have whisked them away after the first 5 minutes - they were awesome... 20 minutes later - not so much ;)

    Sometimes you have to remind yourself that it's all about the *process* not the end result & they certainly were into it.


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