Friday, August 8, 2008

Buckets of hot soapy water

Ahhh, hello :) I haven't uploaded my pix today so here are some from a few weeks back - Hug having some glorious beach mission fun.

Just a simple day around here. Hot and sunny outside, chilly inside. Lovely playing with bucket after bucket of warm soapy water. Tee-hee! I think he had a blast & I got to do a little web coolhunting. Love it!

We've had good friends visiting & T & I had a super quick trip to Sydney. Boo-hoo. I missed the sweet ones but it really was over before I knew it & I can hardly believe it happened.

Hug has been teaching us all sorts of things - including sign language (one of his preschool teachers uses it in the classroom) & that is very cool.

Just a quick catch up. Would write more but i've been online for ages & I need to actually do some mama-ing & home maintainence ;)

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