Monday, August 25, 2008

Picasso and his collection

Our fun trip started with a night in the city (the last post showed the beautiful sunset as we arrived into town) and then arriving at a great river/city view apartment.

This is what we woke up to... Moon still lingering over the buildings being lit up by the reflection of the sunrise :)

T had to leave early (6am - eeek!) for the work he had to do but the boys and I were able to start our day a bit slower. Once we were packed up and out of our apartment we walked down to the river to catch the ferry & came across this fun kids park. Is it ever possible to say no?!

The ferry took us almost all of the way to the Gallery of Modern Art - & to our destination -  the Picasso exhibition!

Here is Pablo Picasso teaching his own children to draw. The exhibition was great. I had the pram & both boys used it (it's a Phil + Teds stacker-style) so that made life a lot easier. Hug and I talked about a lot of the paintings while L mostly chilled out and soaked it all up in his babyish way :) The exhibition was quite large and split into 2 areas so we went for lunch in the middle and Lovely slept in the pram for the second half.

That print of Picasso with his children was a huge backlit print in the kids area called "Yo Picasso!" where there were staff to facilite differnt craft projects. Here Hug is making a mask.

Downstairs in the gallery there was another great area with these cool silver turntables & touchscreens for mixing music. Aimed at teens I guess but fun for us all the same!

Here are the boys grooving out in a music-mixing 'pod'.

This is an area where you can draw on the walls with chalk (Oh God, I love modern art galleries!) & here is Hug channeling his freshly-Picasso-influenced best.

I let him choose postcards of 3 of his favourite artworks (which I think will be good to look back at later) and then we found this brilliant colouring book of patterns (mandalas really) in the gallery store & he was in heaven! I had brought this art set along with us. It's a little kit that folds out into 4 sections: paints, oil pastels, pencils and textas. It was a few hours drive that afternoon to our next stop and he barely said a word during the whole drive, he was so immersed in his art. I haven't photographed my favourite one he did but I might add it to this post later :)

So, our Picasso experience was a great success and one of Hug's teachers was planning on taking her daughters over the weekend and then they'll kick off a few weeks with Picasso as their artist in focus at preschool. Love it!

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  1. Wow, that looks awesome!1 And, where is this (city/state)?? Looks soo cool!

  2. Hi Ashley :)
    It was awesome fun! It is Brisbane in Australia.


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