Sunday, March 24, 2013

What's in my bag... packing light trial #1.

I think I can comfortably say that this has always been a lifestyle blog

Of course it's also very-much an edu blog but I have always talked about more than just home/school. This year I hope to continue to extend that reach; to talk about travel, design, food, fashion and more. I hope that is as exciting to you as it is for me. Smile. 

Today's post continues a discussion about packing light!

If you've been reading the blog you will know that we are heading off on a big family trip later this year. Six months on the road. With just the bags on our backs (or *cough* wheeling beside us ;)

My goal... to pack lightly with style!

A month or so ago I escaped from family-life for a weekend away with my best friend and worked quite strategically to think about our bigger trip when I packed. I wasn't checking my luggage so I could only take one carry on bag and my tote. My tote is a gorgeous Kate Spade number that T bought for me when he went to New York without us last year. Yes, I just italicised that ;) but, really,  it was for work and he went with my blessings - and went to Kate Spade especially for me - so I forgive him this one time. Lol.

It's a great bag and in many ways perfect for traveling to Europe but it's one flaw is that it doesn't have a top zip. Talking to myself: Do I need a lockable day-bag instead?

Anyway, I want to show you what I carry in here because, well,  I know I like to see what other people carry in their handbags and maybe you do too!

The photo above shows my iPhone (white case), iPad (black cover), my purse for cards and money, glomesh purse for extra small things like lipgloss and hairbands, and just disappearing out of shot - a small notebook (I also carry a thin sharpie and a retractable pencil cos I love them) and collapsible shopping tote.

For jewellery I just took a little fabric gift bag.

My apple and bee purse safely holds my earbuds in case I want to listen to music.

Gratuitous glomesh photo :) #loveglomesh

I trialled a collapsible water bottle that we had picked up at Kathmandu and loved it.

Also, from Kathmandu, packing cells. Genius.  

I took a medium packing cell for my clothes (for 4 days):  1 x jeans / 3 x dresses / 2 x skirts / 1 x black leggings / pjs / linen cami / 3 x t-shirts / V-neck knit / 2 x cardigans / belt / dress jacket. This all fit in the medium cell excluding the outfit I was wearing of course. I don't generally travel naked as a rule ;)

A cell tube was the perfect solution for my ghd straightener and a pair of heels (this was after all a girly weekend!).

Aaaaaaaand... I did happen to buy 3 pairs of shoes. Hence there were 5 pairs of shoes to pack on my return. Whoops!

A small clear cell for my underwear.  These come in a set of 3. Very cute. I realise now that I haven't included my toiletries bag in this post but that's because there's another post coming up just about makeup and toiletries, but yes, I had one of those packed too. Including this cute toothbrush!

It all went in here. My carry-on. T takes it on all of his own adventures so it gets a lot of love (read: wear).

Finally, my camera bag. This didn't quite fit into the carry-on (maybe it was all the shoes ;) and is bulky in the tote. I'm dreaming of getting a compact DSLR before we travel. But dreaming it may just be...

And last but not least I grabbed a few little presents for the sweet-ones-back-home at the airport. 


So, obviously this ain't quite enough stuff for six months... but I'm hoping it's not far off it to be honest. For my personal items at least. Inspired by Bea at Zero Waste Home I am planning on minimising my wardrobe but we will be heading into a European winter so I will need extra layers. 

What are your travel essentials and what do you do without? Please let me know and also let me know if you enjoyed this post! xx

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