Friday, March 29, 2013

Learning about the Seasons

Here is a really easy activity for kids.

It can be used as an introduction to the seasons (and the calender) or as a visual reminder for kids who already know their seasons but might be a little shaky on the details.

In our house, we just needed a reminder but we did find it handy to keep one of these 'seasonal pie-charts' pinned up in the school area for a few months after we created them.

This simple activity teaches:

+ The names of the 4 seasons
+ The order of the seasons
+ The cyclical nature of the seasons
+ The names of the 12 months of the year
+ The order of the months
+ The cyclical nature of the months
+ The months that belong to each season

Note: We live in Australia (southern hemisphere) so yours will obviously be a little different to the ones we drew if you live in the northern hemisphere.

Start with your circle - we traced cups.
Place twelve equally spaced marks around your circle.

OR download and print out this one I made especially for you ;)

Label these marks from January through December.

Divide the circle into quarters that match the seasons in your hemisphere. This is important. Lol.

Label your seasons.

Get creative! We chose a simple colour to represent each season but you could draw snowflakes in Winter and flowers in Spring. Make it your own :)

Please leave me a comment and tell me about your favourite season & don't forget you can download the file. Enjoy!

p.s. Need to learn the 7 days of the week? Here is activity I did with Lovely a few years ago that was actually the inspiration for this one.

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  1. Great idea for kids learning the seasons! Btw we are in my favourite season of all right now - autumn :)

  2. Oh, I love this, and the days of the week wheel, too! I have never had a traditional wall calendar in my classrooms, because it is so abstract for the 3-6 set, but breaking up the many calendar-related concepts and introducing them in concrete ways like this would be brilliant. I'm dreaming up a whole series of lessons and materials now - thank you for the inspiration!


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