Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Beach Boys

I don't think I ever posted these sweet photos of the boys from last year. 
I have such an excess of photos to sort through!!!

One of my best friends is just AWESOME at printing photo books. I think she does one a month which literally blows my mind - I don't think I've printed any photos since about 2008! Lol.

How do you organise your photos? A. x

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  1. I use Lightroom 4 (Adobe). It is the best way to organize pictures and worth every penny! I used Adobe Bridge for several years, but Lightroom is SOOOOO much better!!!!! I am a photographer myself and I have a lot of pictures. I found out that it is best to organize them by place or event, and Lightroom puts them all in the time stream for you.

  2. Wonderful pictures. I am considering not printing hardly any photos or albums and keeping them in our iPhoto cloud/stream and just sharing them digitally. It would declutter my life and brain to do it that way. I wonder if I will regret it, though, if I don't make photobooks or albums.


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