Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Those eggs...

Okay, so even I thought I'd finished with my Easter posts but then I saw these pix & I just had to add them!

 The eggs we used were laid by the chickens at our friends house where we were staying over the weekend & the boys got to feed the chickens & collect the eggs all by themselves. They loved it! 

Over the same weekend I was reading the *amazing* book' A Montessori Mother' (more to come on this wonderful book or look it up on Google Reader if you can't wait :) and reading about the importance of the children being responsible for the welfare of animals and plants. Fascinating stuff. 

But. back to the eggs...

One proud Mama hen.

Hug finds an egg.

Hanging by the coop :)

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  1. I miss my chickens so much! I loved getting the eggs and having my little farm. It is such a wonderful experience. I will have to check out that book you were talking about. :)



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