Monday, September 8, 2008

A day of beautiful views

T has been doing lots of publicity for his new book recently and we have been tagging along whenever we can so that's why we always seem to be away!

Look at this beautiful strip of beach! So gorgeous. Amazingly it's by a rather commercial area & I'd never taken the time to explore the natural wonders that were on offer in this town about an hour north of us. It was an insanely windy day but you can't really tell in these photos.

Lovely trying to get a better look!

We picniced (isn't that a funny word) in a park by the river where the boys discovered this amazing tree. It was so huge in fact that I actually couldn't photograph all of it. 

My sweet Hug.

Next stop was inland and a regional art gallery. Originally I couldn't find it and turned around and headed away until Hug realised and insisted that we go back and keep looking. When we arrived I was gobsmacked by its location - so beautiful. I'm not sure what Hug was actually thinking because they just wanted to run around - not very gallery friendly! So we mainly explored the grounds. 

A boulder ewe.

But the highlight for them were the bubblers! Lovely was determined to master this new skill. Too funny. I was so busy taking pix that I didn't realise that he was actually putting his mouth right over the whole thing at first. Gross! ;) But here was the moment he mastered it. Yippee!

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