Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Shoe washing

I know I've been a bit slow on the Montessori activities recently. That's one of the things about being on an *adventure*... sometimes you go off on unusual and unexpected paths, and that is kinda happening here at the moment. But, here is a cool and simple Montessori-style activity we did: Washing those Crocs! 

One little buggy full of soapy water (they jointly filled it using the hose - a popular pastime :) and a scrubbing brush.

There certainly was a lot of splashing!

And a little bit of cleaning :) Although they both did attempt a bit of scrubbing, soaking and splashing was where it was at for them. I modeled the scrubbing for them once they gave up and I *have* noticed since that they have been conscious about whether their shoes are clean or dirty and Hug and I did give his a clean under the tap in the yard one morning, so I am happy that the idea is there and it's something that we will build on. And it's fun :)

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