Monday, September 8, 2008

Fathers Day Part 1

T is such a hands-on dada who is totally involved in all aspects of family life so I knew that he would love nothing more than a morning of peace and quiet :) I also knew that he would want to actually spend fathers day morning with his boys so I secretly organised to evacuate the house on Saturday morning as soon as the boys woke.

I'm sorry if anyone out there is sick of my beach and ocean photos. I can't help myself! We left home about 6.15 with a note for T to find and we headed to our local lighthouse. The sun had just risen & the light was divine.

We got to meet the coast guard and have a look in his little cabin & the boys even got to speak on one of the radios, though I'm not sure he had it really working ;) They left with a brochure each and thought they were in heaven.

Here they are hiding in the lighthouse entrance. You can only go in on organised tours that happen occasionally throughout the year & we've never been in so that will be a must when they next advertise a tour. 

After seeing a pod of about 15 or 20 dolphins (but no whales this time - a few weeks earlier Hug and I had seen a bunch!) we left and got some breaky at a beachside cafe followed by a play on the sand. Then, there was a birthday party to attend before finally returning to a much rejuvenated T :) just after lunch.

Father and biggest-son spent the afternoon looking at an old Picasso book that had belonged to T's grandfather. T created a few of his own masterpieces that he kindly allowed Hug to colour in for him. I love family art!

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