Monday, September 8, 2008

The rest of our last trip!

Hello! I've been "missing in action" for the past 2 weeks! More on that later because I just want to catch up on all of the things we've been doing recently first. After the city adventure and Picasso exhibition we had a day by the beach and then a day in the country. 

Our early morning walk - we (or should I say 2 little boys :) sure like to get up early. Yup, that's the moon you can see!

Going on an archeological dig! We visited a museum that featured an exhibition of the Megafauna period. 

Some fun puzzles. I'm sure L thought he was just building a Kangaroo but apparently it was a Procoptodon. 

The old country shopfront. All kid-sized and a lot of fun. Things to weigh & things to sell. Those blurs are my busy boys.

And a final stop at a Japanese garden. Hug enjoyed exploring all of the bridges that I couldn't reach with L sleeping in the pram :)

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