Saturday, August 30, 2014

Bringing Sexy Back: Winged Liner and Hot Red Lips

Last night’s L’Oreal ProBlogger event was a LOT of fun. 
Pretty, sparkly, no-little-boys fun! Whooooop! #justwhatineeded :)

I hadn’t been able to work out what the approach of the night would be - so I was thrilled to hear practical advice on applying our everyday AND event makeup. The beautiful duo of Elsa Morgan and Jane from L'Oreal Paris Australia talked us through the "tool kit", while makeup artists worked onstage with models so we could see the work in progress. Lots of blending and contouring and skin perfection!

My personal favourite look { gorgeous skin aside; drink water people!! } was featured; Winged Liner. And apparently I’ve been applying mine back to front - Who knew?!! I always start at the inside of the eye and work outwards - but the TIP is to start with your wing line and work back from there, filling it in as you go. Time will tell if I can work in reverse ;) 

Here is a step-by-step:

The other look that I loved was the Bold Red Lip. I was slightly enamoured with Erin-the-makeup-artist's look: superstar RED lips with black rimmed glasses. Such a STUNNING look. It always makes me wish I needed glasses!! That's crazy, right BUT TRUE. Well, I didn’t exactly lose my eyesight but I DID get the red lips! And loved them #heartemojis

I didn’t get any good photos but you can see one here on my instagram { please excuse the dodgy iPhone 4 photography - the camera SUCKS in low light! } 

We also got sent home with a very generous pack o-delights. Yay!

So the QUESTION is - What do you think was in our L'Oreal goodie-bags?! The reader who can guess at least 2 of the products will win a little kit of nail polishes!! I'll post worldwide :) Good luck!
Amber. XO

p.s. Leave your answers below!

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  1. What a fabulous event full of beauty!! Your pictures turned out really really lovely! Good luck with the liner! :)


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