Friday, August 29, 2014

Pureharvest Breakfast with ProBlogger

I’m posting SUPER late because I'm going to this Pureharvest breakfast at 7am tomorrow / this morning! 

But I'm STILL.AWAKE... damn you 12:33am!!! 

I should probably get some beauty sleep before then. And, ummm, some BRAIN-sleep. Hahaha. Yeah that. I have a big day tomorrow :)) Can't believe ProBlogger time is HERE.

I accidentally managed to miss both lunch AND dinner last night, a few canapés aside - Wahhhhhh!! - so I’m actually starving and CAN’T WAIT for a yummy, healthy feast. 

YUMMMMM, bring on the morning. 
Amber. XO

p.s. Do you want to see some healthy Pureharvest recipes on my blog?!! Leave a message below and let me know what your healthy-eating dreams are! { Mine usually involve copious amounts of strawberries ;) } 

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