Friday, August 15, 2014

The Rainbow Mama on Kidspot!

Hello Wednesday :) 

I've been dealing with snotty-nosed boys and such things all day so it was a sweet surprise to see my #styletips in today's A - Z of Blogging post by the lovely Pip Lincoln on Kidspot! Yay! Yes, that's my day made now. 

S is for... Styling.

Okay, it's only a little piece but I'm all for celebrating the small moments. And this one is making me happy! Tra-la-laaaa. 

I've pasted my part below and added some photos for emphasis, but you should go read the full article... and then, add your own tips at the bottom of this post. 

Time to get your styling' pants on!

Do you take the time to style your photos or do you just SNAP? 
I'd love to hear :)

Amber. XO

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  1. That is so fabulous you super styling chicky!!! Keep up the amazing work! xx


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